Learn by Doing

Helping developers learn by contributing to real life projects.

To help reduce the skills gap, and increase the quality of talents available locally, we have created a process around how developers, designers and project managers learn new tools and technologies using open source projects.

This is informed by months of watching various talents work on various projects. We have seen the speed of learning and quality of knowledge gained, when they learn by doing. Research has also shown (see here here here) that this method of learning helps students gain a deeper understanding of the subject, for a longer time than other traditional means of teaching.

Talents not experienced in a particular skill, will work on projects using specially designed tasks. And with the aid of guides, they will learn new technologies, skills and techniques in software development by working through a list of tasks, which have been set up to help them learn a specific roles/skill areas (like front-end or back-end development, product management or project management) by contributing to a real project.

Look through the projects below, to see its list of tasks, and get a better view, of this journey of learning.

Project List

  1. Coding 101
  2. More coming soon.