Hi I'm Sprime (aka Osioke Onoarue Oarue-Itseuwa).

I love simplifying things and creating beautiful experiences.

I also love expressing myself via words and pictures, and solving problems around me. This has led me to start various projects like:

  • Disease Info: A health information resource app to make verified information on fatal diseases in Nigeria readily accessible across all media channels.
  • Learn by doing: A skill education/training program to help newbie developers learn and build confidence by contributing to real life projects.
  • Growth Clinic: A resource sharing and training community to help Nigerian tech startups and businesses adopt growth focused marketing strategies to increase their customer base and customer engagement. This closed community is mostly active on WhatsApp.
  • Tech Careers Nigeria: A resource and support community to help Nigerians start a career in Tech. This closed community is mostly active on WhatsApp and Slack.
  • Career Pathfinder: A web app to help individuals find out what Tech and business skill they are naturally good at.
  • Skill Guides: A microlearning management web app with curated guides and an inbuilt learning tracker that helps individuals learn key work skills.
  • Hack Thinkers: A community of hack-minded individuals, learning, collaborating, sharing to create innovative locally-powered solutions to challenging problems.

As my full time job, I am currently building, managing and growing products in the education, learning and finance industries, to know more, please check my current job roles on my LinkedIn profile.

Talks, Essays, Presentations and Frameworks

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